HMS HSA Faculty Grant Program

A portion of the funds raised by the HMS HSA are reserved for teacher and staff grants.  Teachers and staff may apply for a grant for programs and projects that will enhance the educational experience of students at HMS.  Grants can be used for special classroom activities, curriculum enrichment and expansion, after-school clubs and organizations, and more! 

The amount and number of grants awarded is dependent on the funding available from the HSA during the school year. A grant may be partially funded if there is not enough money available to award the full amount. To apply for a grant, teachers/staff must be a member of the HMS HSA and must complete the grant application providing detailed description of the purpose, requirements, eligible expenses, time period, etc., for the requested funding.   For more information, or questions, contact the HMS HSA at BoroMS.HSA@gmail. Teacher Grant Application
Requirements –

HMS Teachers/Staff must be a member of the HMS HSA.
The staff HSA membership link is HSA Staff Membership Form

HSA grants must be used for educational purposes and will be awarded to teachers/staff whose proposed use impacts the greatest number of students in the most effective way. Grants are to be used during the school year in which they are awarded; they are not transferrable and cannot be rolled over to the next school year. All materials purchased with HSA grant funds are the property of Hillsborough Middle School and must be used for the sole purpose intended.  

Eligible Expenses –

  • Examples of acceptable uses of grant money include:

  • Educational software and applications

  • Books, videos, DVDs

  • Subscriptions (e.g., educational websites, educational magazines)

  • Teaching Tools

  • Supplies or equipment for after-school clubs

Ineligible Expenses –

HSA grants cannot be used to pay for:

  • Food or snacks

  • Technology hardware (Computers, laptops, printers, etc.) or office equipment

  • Office supplies

  • Field Trips

  • Homeroom or student club t-shirts or uniforms

  • Student club entry fees or travel expenses

  • Stipends for guest speakers

  • Faculty professional development