Child Study Team (CST)

The Child Study Team of Hillsborough Middle School is comprised of a school psychologist, a social worker, and a learning disabilities teacher consultant.  The members of the Child Study Team provide valuable consultation to the teaching staff with regard to all students at HMS.   However, the primary responsibility of the Child Study Team is to conduct evaluations of students for potential learning disabilities and assist in the development of individual education plans if needed.  Programs of special education may include modifications to traditional instructional and assessment strategies, additional educational support services, speech therapies, occupational therapies, and/or alternative classroom settings.

Hillsborough Middle School Child Study Team
(908) 431-6600

Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant (LDTC)  

Ms. Carol Ann Giresi

ext. 2761

School Psychologist   

Ms.  Pamela Misztal

ext. 2106

School Psychologist

Ms. Mikala Fuscoletti

ext. 3343

Social Worker

Ms. Kaitlin Esposito  

ext. 2069

For more information regarding Special Education Services, policies and procedures please visit the special services section of the District website using the link below: