Choral Program

HMS Choral Program

Ms. Noel McCormick, Director

The HMS Choral Program is designed to provide an immersive choral singing experience for all 7th and 8th grade students.  The HMS Choral program runs during the school day.  Students meet once per week for a small group vocal lesson and again on Fridays for Choral Ensemble rehearsal.  The Choral program focuses on the exploration of the vocal instrument through performance. Students will perform several concerts per school year.  As the choral curriculum is designed to build vocal and aural skills, students can join choir with no background or with choral experience. 

There are three choirs at HMS.  Students will be assigned to a choir based on skill level, performance goals and singing experience in early September. 

  • Concert Choir: This three-part vocal ensemble is made up of a combination of 7th and 8th grade students who have some choral experience and can demonstrate basic singing skills. 

  • Raider Choir: This two-part treble vocal ensemble is for students who are newer to singing skills. 

  • Chorale: This three-part vocal ensemble is designed for advanced singing students with choral experience.

Questions about the HMS Choral program can be directed to Ms. Noel McCormick at (email will be active at the end of August). In the interim questions may be forwarded through Ms. Barbara Szabo (now ARIS Choral Music Director) at

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Choral Assessments provide the educator with valuable information to develop future and student specific instruction.

Choral assessments also measures how well a student can demonstrate skills and concepts independently and cooperatively. Class Participation is a weekly assessment that takes place during classroom instruction. Ensemble Participation is a weekly assessment of student achievement and skill development. 
Singing Assessments are once per marking period as a progress check for individual student growth and achievement. 
Choir Assessments are concerts which measure the achievement of the ensemble. Concept Checks are once per marking period as a method to clarify the musical and vocal concepts required for mastering choral performance.

There are three elements which impact choral assessments: 

Participation, Preparation, Performance

Participation is defined as attending all rehearsals, lessons and concerts.

Preparation is studying music, completion of all assignments and keeping your choir/concert schedule organized. Performance is defined as the demonstration and presentation of music and concepts learned throughout the semester and year.

Choral Grades are reflected through Checks and rubric grades via Genesis. Underlying these three criteria is the Attendance Policy.  A student’s attendance has a direct impact on their ability to perform successfully.


For All Choral Ensembles

1. Small Vocal Lessons:

a.  Every student will be assigned to a small vocal lesson group.  This group will meet once per week, on a set schedule, during a physical education class period.   

b.  Students who have three unexcused absences will be called in for a conference to evaluate further participation in the program.

2. Ensemble Rehearsals:

a.  Every student is expected to attend their assigned ensemble rehearsal once per week.

b.  Ensemble rehearsals cannot be rescheduled.

c.  Parents/Guardians will be notified for every missed ensemble rehearsal through Genesis with a check minus for that lesson.

3. Attendance in Choir is based on personal responsibility.  Any student who uses “Choir” as an excuse to cut another class, be tardy or break school guidelines will be expelled from the program for the school year.

4. Concert attendance is a vital part of completing the choral program.  Concert Attendance is an Assessment Grade. Conflicts with your personal schedule should be worked out ahead of time.  This is your ensemble and your responsibility.  If you are not present for a concert, your grade will be negatively affected.

**If academic difficulties arise, and your participation in Choir is a concern, please speak to me.***