Hillsborough Middle School Activities

Hillsborough Middle School offers students many activities and clubs to which they may become involved. We recognize that our our students have diverse interests and offer programs and clubs from music and art to student government and environmental clubs.

HMS Clubs & Activities


While there may be individual fees associated with specific clubs or activities, there is no additional district level activity fee requirement for participation in any HMS sports or extracurricular activities for the current school year.

Activity Participation Fee

There is an annual $40.00 fee to participate in any of the middle school sports/clubs/activities.  Once the activity fee is paid, the student may participate in as many sports/clubs/activities as he/she chooses, schedule permitting, during the respective school year.  Families who qualify for free or reduced lunch are eligible for a waiver of the activity fee.

Student activity fees for clubs/activities are due at the first formal/organizational meeting of the first club/activity the student joins during the academic year - exclusive of any initial interest or informational meeting where students may attend simply to learn about the club prior to joining.

Student activity fees for interscholastic sports, selective performance groups, or competitive academic teams are due at the time of the final determination of the team/squad, after tryouts or auditions and prior to the first practice/rehearsal.

Payment of fees shall be in the form of a check made payable to the Hillsborough Township Board of Education and provided with the Activity Fee Registration Form to the athletic coach or activity advisor.  Refunds will not be made for any reason once the team roster has been determined.  Refunds will not be made to students who:

  • Drop out of a sport/activity before the season has ended.

  • Are suspended from a sport/activity because of a rule violation.

  • Become academically ineligible.

  • Are injured and unable to compete or perform.

  • Move out of the district.

Activity Fee Registration Form