(Literacy, Math, Science & Social Studies)

Hillsborough Middle School is organized around interdisciplinary teams of teachers for the core subjects: literacy, math, science and social studies.  In addition, a special education teacher serves each team as a learning specialist supporting students in and out of class. 

The team structure is central to a middle school design.  It brings together the best of both worlds - content specialty and expertise with a common planning time for better communication among the team teachers.  This arrangement serves to create a learning environment that is most responsive to the needs of students as they enter the adolescent years. 

Some students may be served off-team for literacy or math where there is a need for academic support services or for some advanced math courses such as algebra for 7th grade and/or geometry for 8th grade.  


(Physical Education/Health, Related Arts Cycle, World Language)

In addition, students have the opportunity for study in one of five world languages as well as art, music, family & consumer science, and industrial technology that comprise our related arts cycle each year. 

Our health and physical education program with its focus on individual fitness and teamwork rounds out the program of studies for our students.