NJSLA Testing Schedule 2024

NJSLA Testing Schedule 2024
 Literacy and Mathematics for Grades 7-8
Science for Grade 8

HMS students in grades 7-8 will take the NJ Student Learning Assessments (NJSLA) in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics during the period of April 30 - May 3. 

April 29
 - NJSLA Room Assignment Prep (at the end of the day)

April 30 and May 1 - The English/Language Arts (ELA) assessments also consist of three distinct units (each 90 in length).  Only one unit will be administered per day.

May 2 and 3 - The Math-7 and Math-8 assessments consist of three distinct units (each 60 minutes in length) while the Algebra I and Geometry assessments consists of two distinct units (each 90 minutes in length)  

CLICK for link to detailed daily schedule for the NJSLA testing weeks at HMS

May 6 and 7 - The science assessments are administered to 8th grade students only and consist of four distinct units (each 45 minutes in length).  Two units will be administered per day.  Students in 7th grade will proceed with their regular schedule of classes on these days while the 8th grade students complete the assessments during periods 1-3.

The English-language arts assessments focus on reading critically across a range of texts; writing effectively when analyzing text; and building and presenting knowledge through research and the integration of ideas. The mathematics assessments focus on conceptual understanding and application of math content, expressing mathematical reasoning and modeling real-world problems.

While the English-language arts assessments are grade-level specific, the mathematics assessments include grade-level and subject-specific assessments.  Most students will take either Math-7 or Math-8 whereas those students currently enrolled in Algebra I or Geometry  will take the Algebra I or Geometry assessments respectively. 

The science assessments measure student proficiency in science and engineering practices, the ability to make sense of phenomena, and to design solutions to problems. The NJSLA-S uses the same familiar testing platform that NJSLA-ELA and NJSLA-M uses.