NJSLA Student Supplies and Testing



  • Fully charged Chromebook (student responsibility):

    The NJSLA assessments are entirely computer-based.  Students will therefore complete the tasks online using their school-issued Chromebooks.  It will be critical that each student come to school prepared with his or her Chromebook fully charged and ready to go each day during the week of testing.  

  • WIRED Earbuds/Headphones (student responsibility):

    Some of the literacy units on the NJSLA may include video components and for this reason students are required to have a set of wired earbuds or headphones that can function with their Chromebooks.  All students should already have a personal set of earbuds as part of their regular set of school supplies given their work with Chromebooks at HMS on a daily basis.  However, for state testing, wireless devices are not permitted.  All earbuds must be WIRED.  Please make certain that your child has functional wired earbuds for use in school during our testing week.

  • Pencils/Paper (provided by school):

    All students will receive a pencil and scratch paper for use during the tests.  Students may use pencil and scratch paper for brainstorming, drafting, note-taking, or calculations, but all final answers must be recorded online via the Chromebook.

  • Calculator (provided/ available within the test):

    Students will be permitted to use specific types of calculators on some sections of the math assessment. Where appropriate, students will have access to a calculator as one of the online tools built into the NJSLA.  This ensures that all students will have access to the calculator features that will be appropriate to their grade level and assessment (i.e. basic function calculator for 7th grade, scientific calculator for 8th grade, or graphing calculator for Algebra/Geometry).  Math teachers will review with students how to use the online calculators along with the other tools that will be available to all students during the tests.  Students will be practicing with them as they review some of the online practice NJSLA assessments this month.  

  • Computer Mouse (recommended):

    A mouse is not required for testing, however, many students are more comfortable using a mouse during assessments in lieu of the touchpad.  If your child would be more comfortable using a mouse, please be sure to provide one for him or her.

  • Reading Material (highly recommended):

    Students who finish early and have logged-out of the test are only permitted to have access to a school- appropriate book to read while others in the room are still testing.  No electronic devices (e.g. cell phones, tablets, e-readers) are permitted to be in use by anyone in the classroom while testing is in session.