Patriots Pen Essay

Patriot's Pen Essay
Posted on 01/28/2018

Congratulations to Pradyun Kamaraju local winner of the 2018 VFW Patriot's Pen Essay Contest.  This year's theme was:  "America's Gift to My Generation."

Mr. Ron Miller (Post Commander) and Mr. Tom Cellilli of VFW Post 8371 joined Dr. Trybulski in presenting Pradyun with a certificate of merit and a check for $300 to support his future educational efforts.

VFW presentation

Freedom: The Ultimate Gift by Pradyun Kamaraju

America’s gift to my generation. It is preposterous to think that I could fully answer this prompt without writing an infinite essay, as this nation has done countless things for us. We may not be the perfect nation, but that epitome is not so far away. This essay will focus on America’s iconic ideology; Freedom. Our founding fathers put in the dedication, and we are now reaping the fruit of their hard work.

Having lived with such a privilege my whole life, I occasionally wonder what life would be if I had no freedom. Had no voice and lived a life of insignificance and paltriness. Let me paint a picture of this lifestyle for you. Imagine for a moment you were in a different country. Let’s say Sudan. You are either a virtual workhorse to the government, or a literal slave. You live in constant fear of death and torture. You live in a primitive refugee camp. You have no freedom. It’s not too pleasant is it? Our ancestors toiled and worked to circumvent such conditions. Had they shirked their duties, America would’ve no longer been, well, America. It is for this reason that Americans should never take such a blessing for granted. Freedom is our guardian angel, so we should be grateful.

Given the rights and liberties, freedom clearly helps the people that have it. But what if I told you that the freedom we have today helps even the ones who don’t have it? Let me explain. According to Nobel Prize winning economist Friedrich Hayek, “What is important is...what freedom some person may need in order to do things beneficial to society.”. Hayek suggests that by giving freedom to someone, you are essentially giving them the potential to contribute to society and change it for the better, thus making the unprivileged one step closer to a higher quality lifestyle. For example, maybe cancer could have already been cured, but the potential curer was living as a slave. If that same individual was in your position, then cancer would be a thing of the past. This shows how freedom can help even those without it.

In conclusion, freedom is the most valuable thing that one can attain, and as privileged Americans, should never take such things for granted. Freedom is America’s gift to my generation, and if that’s not a  gift, then what is?

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