HMS School Supplies

HMS School Supplies
Posted on 08/25/2020

Dear Parents/Guardians:
Here are some tips to help you and your youngster prepare for the new school year with the materials all students will need for success.

As students enter the secondary level, they interact with many more teachers across a greater diversity of course subjects.  The specific supplies for each class will vary considerably and change unexpectedly as new technologies become increasingly embedded into the fabric of schooling. Teacher supply lists often include a mix of recommended items, suggested items, and required items.  Those items recommended by teachers for their classes are intended to help develop good organizational skills as well as ensure some specific items are at hand for students to meet particular tasks in that course.   

Ultimately, however, students should also have a say in what methods and materials work best for them.  We want to give guidance and advice, but also encourage you to listen to your child and help them understand what will best fit his or her individual organizational preference, needs and interests.  Stocking up on a variety of general office supplies can serve a student this year and next.  Office supplies don’t spoil. Having some extra items can ensure that the “requirements” are met while preserving some flexibility to best suit your child’s learning and organization preferences.
Most importantly,
students at this age should have a designated, quiet workspace at home with general office supplies to support their school work (e.g. pens/pencils, stapler, ruler, highlighters, paper, 3-hole punch, post-it notes, markers, glue/scissors, etc.).  This should include access to the Internet and a printer.   Internet access at home is not essential, but certainly convenient for students in managing their work.  Families without Internet access at home may qualify for assistance programs through local cable Internet providers or may contact our computer resource/support teachers at HMS for additional assistance.

Establishing a regular workspace with good lighting, comfortable seating, and a variety of resources along with regular work times and routines will not only serve your child well throughout middle and high school years, but will establish important life-long habits for learning and productivity that will last well into their future.

A list of additional tips along with a checklist of recommended supplies for all HMS students and details on Chromebook cases are attached.  The checklist includes items that students should have access to at home in addition to those for use in school on a daily basis.

CLICK HERE for a PRINTABLE Version of the HMS School Supply List & Tips for 2020-21


BACKPACKS:  While backpacks are helpful to carry items to and from school, students should not expect to carry everything they own around all day.   A small/thin backpack or drawstring bag is more than sufficient for students in school.  A backpack with a sleeve for laptops/chromebook is ideal for after school travel.  No bag should be so large as to be unable to fit in a locker, interfere with movement in the hall, or be a tripping hazard within the classroom.


CHROMEBOOKS:  All students in grades 5-12 receive an Acer Chromebook Spin 11 r751.  The device comes with a protective case.  Students will also need a set of earphones or earbuds.  It is recommended to have a spare pair beyond what the student may already own.  The Acer Spin 11 has touch screen technology and a touchpad.  Some students may still like the use of a mouse and you may consider adding a notebook-sized wireless mouse as an accessory.


PRINTER:  Although technology allows us to move toward more and more paperless assignments, there will still be a need for students to print documents from time to time.  Having access to a printer at home is still a necessity.


LOCKERS:  Hall lockers will NOT be issued to students until further notice.  

If conditions permit us to safely return to a full-day in-person schedule, then each student will be issued a locker near their homeroom with a built-in padlock.  No additional lock needed or allowed.  The locker is the same size as at ARIS:  14” wide x 10.5” deep x 35” high.  Students should use their lockers and not attempt to carry everything around with them all day.  Students will have a 20 minute lunch followed by a 20 minute study/break period that is the perfect time to exchange morning items for afternoon.  A locker shelf is recommended for those who like to keep things well-organized.  


PHYS. ED.:  Students will NOT change for PE at HMS until further notice.  

If conditions permit us to safely return to normal phys ed activities along with use of our locker rooms in the future, then we may re-institute having students change for gym class. There is no specific PE uniform, although the HMS Home & School Association does sell sport shorts and t-shirts with Hillsborough colors and logo.  Typical sports shorts (at least mid-thigh in length) and plain t-shirts are acceptable for PE.  Students will need a padlock to secure personal belongings in temporary lockers in the locker-rooms.  A drawstring bag can also be useful to help carry gym clothes and a padlock to and from PE class.

Home/School - General for all subjects

  • Desk/Study Area - A quiet, well lit, area dedicated for school work
  • Earbuds/earphones - will need these for when in school as well as home.
  • Printer  - Access to a printer at home is still essential
  • Pencils (1-2 pkg) and erasers
  • Pens (blue or black - 1pkg)
  • Highlighter(s) - Useful to have 2-3 in different colors
  • Two-pocket folders  - Handy for organizing handouts, homework or important papers to bring home for each subject.  Get extra as some may wear out by mid-year.
  • 3-Ring Binders - One-inch binders are still useful for many subjects including science, social studies as well as math and literacy, health, art, world language, etc.
  • Notebook dividers - 5-tab or 8-tab to help organize those binders.
  • Loose-leaf lined paper (several packs)
  • Ruler (English. & Metric)
  • 3-hole punch
  • Stapler & scissors
  • Colored pencils (12 pack)
  • “Sharpie” markers in different colors/sizes (thick/thin) for projects.
  • Glue stick(s)
  • Poster board paper on hand at home for projects.

Going to School 

  • Masks - 3-ply cotton knit or common surgical masks
  • Water bottle (HMS has hands-free censor, filtered-water bottle filling stations)
  • Drawstring bag - Preferred for carrying misc. items during the school day or for gym clothes  
  • Locker shelf (optional for when lockers are in use again)
  • Tissues (optional).  Classrooms are not supplied with tissues.  Donations of tissues are appreciated.


Grade 7

Grade 8


  • 3 x 5 cards
  • Post-it notes (3”x3”)
  • Composition books (marble).  Often needed for literacy class where journals or writing logs may be used and periodically submitted to the teacher for feedback.
  • 1 Book for choice reading - A general novel for quiet reading time in literacy and/or other times of day.


  • Scientific Calculator -  Good for grades 7-12.  
  • Graph paper

Physical Education:  (NOTE: LOCKER ROOMS ARE CLOSED and Students will NOT be changing for PE during the first marking period or until further notice)

  • Padlock for gym locker.  Good for grades 7-12.
  • Sports shorts, t-shirt & sneakers for gym - no specific uniform required.  Recommended sports shorts (mid-thigh in length) and any t-shirts & sweatshirt for cooler weather.

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